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        Smart Water Meter

        NB-IOT Warter Meter

        the characteristics of the NB-IOT wirless long-distance water meter:

        • use the Huawei chip technology, support the three service providers IOT cards
        • the NB-IOT wireless transfer use the encryption authenticated by the nation's security office. The communications are stable and reliable avoiding the intercept in the midway.
        • the customer activates the water meter by swiping the card and can check the water meter's whole usage amount and the valve status in real time and can turn on and turn off the valve remotely.
        • the customer can schedule to check the water meter's whole usage amount and the valve status and can remotely control turning on or truning off the valve.

        LoRa Warter Meter

        the characteristics of LoRa wireless long distance water meter:

        • small volume, low power, highly functional wireless long distance water meter
        • solve the traditional design unable to cover the problems of the distance, interruption and power.
        • The module is designed by the deep sleep time interval and can reduce the power usage significantly.
        • has the function of avoiding the magnetic interruption. When suffering from the magnetic interruption, the valve will be automatically turned off and automatically turned on when the magnetic interruption disappears.
        • The module has the function of the storage with the loss of the electricity. The data will not be lost without the electricity. The process will be normally running with the recover of the electricity.
        • The best choice of the long distance transfer and the strong requirement of the reliability.

        DMA Meter

        The Kadmus DMA meter is based on pipe networks geography information system and district metering area applications. It is used to measure the real time flow rate and pressure in the pipe networks. By using the district metering system, it analyzes and gets the district water consumption, the difference between the supply and the sale, the water loss and the non-revenue water etc. It realizes the district metering management and control. It controls the water loss by the scientific inspection network and reduces the water loss.

        Technical characteristics

        • the pressure module uses the advanced chip with the low power linearized circuits
        • the specific flow rate module
        • the NB wireless part uses all pass NB module
        • the transfer part and the detection part are connected in seperate bodies of 3-5 meters.
        • the trasfer part uses the closed square meter body.

        Main technology

        • the battery is ER34615+SPC1550
        • the maximum electric current is less than or equal to 220mA. the sleep electric current is less than or equal to 16 micro ampere
        • the sample parameters are the pressure and the flow rate
        • the signal refresh time is settable.
        • the emission power is 23dbm
        • the sensitivity is -135db
        • the attena retrofit is 3db
        • the attena installation is the inside
        • the installation method is the transfer part holding on the stable wall
        • the detector part is installed by the screws with the inside flow meter
        • the surface body (not including the detector)
        Water Consumption Data Processing

        rocessing water consumption data.
        Transformation, aggregation and delta (determined time, every 15 minutes, every day) for a counter or group of counters.
        Calculation of Indexes and Consumptions.

        Consumption Dashboards & Alerts

        Creation of your own dashboards for monitoring measurements & consumptions.
        Definition of alerts (email, sms, wechat): over-consumption, non-consumption, breakdown, fraud …

        Open APIs

        Extraction of measurement data, indexes and calculated consumption, through open and documented APIs.